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Ocean Manor Resort, Inc. Privacy Policy

This site is owned and operated by Ocean Manor Resort, Inc. Here at Ocean Manor Resort, we recognize that many visitors to our Site are concerned about both the information they provide to us and how we treat that information. So we’ve developed the Privacy Policy described below. We may update or change the Privacy Policy from time to time, so please check in occasionally.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at: Ocean Manor Resort, Inc.

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Our office is open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday. Please feel free to e-mail us anytime at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or hear your concerns.


Our Policy

Ocean Manor Resort respects the privacy of every individual who visits our Site or responds to our interactive advertisements. At our Site, we don’t collect personally identifiable information from individuals unless he or she provides it to us voluntarily and knowingly.

We don’t require you to register or provide information to us in order to view our Site.


Why you might furnish personally identifiable information to us.

If you choose to respond to one of our interactive advertisements or promotions, confirm a reservation online, or make an inquiry through our website, we will need some personally identifiable information to respond.


Ocean Manor Hotel regards all personally identifiable information as confidential and maintains it under strict conditions of security.

Ocean Manor Hotel treats all personally identifiable customer information as confidential business information. Ocean Manor Hotel has implemented strict security measures intended to prevent an unauthorized third party, such as a hacker, from gaining access to Ocean Manor Hotel data bases. We regularly monitor access to such information and its use within Ocean Manor Hotel by its employees to ensure that personally identifiable information is securely maintained and used only as permitted under this privacy policy. When Ocean Manor Hotel provides personally identifiable information to a third party organization (as discussed below), Ocean Manor Hotel requires the third party organization to adhere to security requirements comparable to those imposed by Ocean Manor Hotel, and to use the information only as expressly authorized by us. We regularly monitor the third party organizations to ensure compliance with their contractual commitments to security and proper use.


How we use personally identifiable information you furnish to us.

We use personally identifiable information supplied by you ONLY as follows:
As necessary to respond to your inquiry, and make a record of it. In the email section of our Site, we ask for some personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, and phone number. We use this information only if we need to contact you directly because our attempts to contact you by email were unsuccessful. We may share your personally identifiable information with individual Ocean Manor Hotel properties in order to reply to your inquiry.
As necessary to provide any goods or services, including hotel reservations, that you have specifically requested, and to make records of these transactions. (For example, we would use the information that you provide to mail you a reservation confirmation, to respond to an email question, or to meet your Ocean Manor Hotel By Request profile details). This may include providing the necessary information to individual Ocean Manor Hotel properties as necessary to provide the goods or services.
To permit Ocean Manor Hotel or others to provide other information about goods or services that are related to the services that Ocean Manor Hotel offers. This is called “Marketing Opportunities” in this privacy policy. Marketing Opportunities do not include – and Ocean Manor Hotel expressly prohibits the companies offering them from using your personally identifiable information for – products or services of theirs other than those Ocean Manor Hotel has expressly authorized.
For inclusion in statistical or demographic profiles that Ocean Manor Hotel uses for general marketing purposes. Although personally identifiable information is used to compile the profiles, we use the profiles only as aggregate data, without reference to personally identifiable information, or for targeted Marketing Opportunities.


You may “opt out” at any time.

You may notify Ocean Manor Hotel at any time that you no longer wish to receive Marketing opportunities. You may do so by writing to Ocean Manor Hotel at Ocean Manor Resortl, Inc., 1950 Stemmons Freeway Suite 6001, Dallas, Texas 75207, Attention: Marketing/eCommerce Dept: Email Removal. Or you may telephone Ocean Manor Hotel at 1-866-850-3070 , or email [email protected] with a request to ” remove.”


We limit third party access to personally identifiable information.

We don’t share any personally identifiable information you give us with anyone outside of Ocean Manor Hotel other than:
Third party organizations that Ocean Manor Hotel engages to perform services on Ocean Manor Hotel’s behalf.
Third party organizations that store data on Ocean Manor Hotel’s behalf.
Third party organizations that provide Marketing Opportunities.
When Ocean Manor Hotel is required by law to do so.
In Ocean Manor Hotel’s contracts with third party organizations the third party organization may use personally identifiable information collected on our website only for the express purpose permitted by its contract with Ocean Manor Hotel, which will be consistent with this privacy policy. As noted, Ocean Manor Hotel’s contracts also require each third party organization to maintain all personally identifiable information as confidential under strict security conditions and in accordance with Ocean Manor Hotel’s privacy policy.


Ocean Manor Hotel does not seek children’s personally identifiable information.

Ocean Manor Hotel does not intend to collect any personally identifiable information from individuals under thirteen years of age. Where appropriate, we will specifically instruct children not to submit such information on our websites or advertisements. If a child has voluntarily provided us with personally identifiable information, a parent or guardian of that child may contact us at the street address, telephone number, or email address listed above to request that this information deleted from our records. We will use all reasonable efforts to delete the child’s personally identifiable information from our data bases, including those maintained by third parties on our behalf.


Credit Card Security.

Ocean Manor Hotel uses secure socket layer (SSL) technology to process credit card transactions initiated through our Site. SSL is the industry standard for secure e-commerce transactions. It prevents your personally identifiable information from being read by someone else as it travels across the Internet. Among other security measures, all personally identifiable information that you supply in a credit card transaction, including credit card number, name, and address, is encrypted.



Ocean Manor Beach Resort Hotel recognizes the importance that our website is accessible to those with disabilities. Our hotel endeavors to conform to ADA statutory compliance. This is an ongoing endeavor and we are sensitive to improving ADA compliance over and above the minimal standards set forth in published Federal, State and local regulations.

Our website conforms to Website Content Accessibilty Guidelines 2.0 and we have utilized standards compliant HTML/CSS code which helps ensure that future browsers will also display our site correctly.
We constantly review our entire website and make improvements for ADA compliance as the law changes from time to time. Any non compliant elements are improved whenever we detect a deficiency and bring the element into compliance.

The public is invited and welcome to notify us if there is ever any obstacle in obtaining information from our website or about our facilities. We suggest you contact our General Manager if you ever experience any difficulties in accessing our website.